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handicaphorsesHorse racing is a sport unlike any other sport. It employs two types of athletes. One is the human athlete, the jockey. The jockey is a very special athlete in that he can’t weigh very much; no more than 115-120 lbs and he must display great strength and superb agility and uncommon bravery. The other athlete is the horse, himself. Make no mistake about it; in horse racing the animal must display certain talents to be considered great. He not only must have the speed it requires to run a race he must also have the heart to win. Yes the horse knows that he is supposed to defeat the others in the race, and he must show a sincere desire to accomplish just that.

ManOWarDown through the years there have been many horses that rose to the top of their profession. The abilities of such thoroughbreds astound the human mind. Horses like the great Man o’ War and the awesome Secretariat come to mind. These were outstanding horses in their time. There were many other great horses like the three year old filly Ruffian whose life was tragically ended after a match race. She was undefeated and who knows how great she would have been.

Then there were the Triple Crown winners, which are winners of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. There have only been eleven of these great runners in the history of horse racing. To accomplish this task takes a much superior horse indeed, since only eleven have done it since 1919.

Horse Racing & Handicapping- Time Honored Traditions

Kentucky Derby TrophyHorse racing is the biggest spectator sport in the United States.  That is saying a lot when you think of all the other sports that we showcase.  There is just something about the sound of twelve thoroughbreds thundering down the stretch in a horse race.  People gravitate to horse racing for many different reasons. Some enjoy the sight of these horses showing their superior racing strength and speed. Some people love the thrill of placing a bet and watching their thoroughbred of choice earning them a nice sized return on their wager. Some like the thrill of an upset in horse racing and betting it all on the long-shot and a miracle win. Whatever the mystique of horse racing one thing is for sure, horse racing is here to stay.

With thousands of great athletes, horses and jockeys alike, competing daily in races across the world, horse racing inspires the everyday man to handicap these races and produce winning wagers. That is where comes in. We want to supply you with tips, handicapping tools, news and so much more to help you in your handicapping endeavors. No matter your skill level, we have something for everyone, so take a look around and make yourself at home. In time, we hope to become your hub for horse racing!


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