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Betting On Horse racing- Where To Begin?!

When you think of horse racing, you naturally think of betting. Horse racing betting goes hand in hand with horse racing. I mean after all, what fun would it be if you just watched the horses run around in a circle and did not bet on them. Horse racing betting is what it is all about!

There are many ways to bet on the ponies but before we get into this, there are a few things you must consider. For starters, how much are you going to bet on any given race? Usually the minimum bet would be two dollars, but now some tracks have introduced one dollar betting and some even lower on certain exotic wagering. In some cases there are  even fifty cent trifectas and ten cent superfectas. No matter what wagering amount you intend to use, the bottom line is to know your own personal bankroll. Your bankroll should be the exact amount of money you have set aside specifically for wagering. Once this is determined, you can start looking at the types oif wagers you will want to make.

First off you can bet win, place, or show. That is you bet the horse to win and he must win in order for you to collect. You can bet place or in other words bet on the horse to come in second. Then if he wins or comes in second you get to collect money, although you will collect a little less than the win bet. Then you could bet to show and you would collect if the horse runs first, second, or third. Of course you win the least amount win you bet to show. These three  types of bets are the most basic in horse racing- betting to win, place or show.

Exotic Horse Racing Betting

Then there are the exotic wagers. These types of horse racing betting are the most exciting, but are more difficult to win. They are listed below.

1. Daily Double -This particular wager consists of picking the winner of the first race and the winner of the second race. If you have one winner and don’t have the other winner, you lose. It can pay quite handsomely if you manage to pick the right horses.

2. Exacta -This bet is where you pick the winner and the second place finisher in that order exactly. It too can pay pretty well.

3. Quinella -This wager consists of picking the first and second place finishers in any order. This does not pay as well as the exacta.

4. Trifecta -Pick the first three finishers in their exact order. A very difficult bet to win but when you do…

5. Pick 6 -The object here is to pick the winners in races 3 through 8. Talk about hard to do. But when you do win this bet the payoff is usually mega bucks.

These are just a few of the examples of exotic wagering. There are others, but these are prevalent at most tracks. The key to betting any of these wagers is to find a strategy for selecting horses. There are literally thousands of angles you can take at attempting to make the right selections for these types of bets, and the only way to know if they work is through trial and error. Selecting the strategy that works best for you will take you a long way to bringing home huge paydays!

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