HHR’s Public Apology to Palace Malice

Palace Malice Kicks Up Egg in Belmont

Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. Today, I was the bug. Not only did I not pick the winner of the 2013 Belmont Stakes, I ended up with egg on my face when Palace Malice ran the race of his life after I had said in an article on this site that I didn’t really understand why Todd Pletcher was entering this horse in the race. I was so wrong and I felt it down to my …wallet. That’s why Pletcher is where he is, and I am here.

Palace Malice Wins 2013 Belmont

Palace Malice had set the fourth fastest fractions in the Kentucky Derby, and I assumed he would hook up for the early lead in the mile and a half Belmont and would be toast. Well, what I did not know until shortly before post time (through no fault but my own)was that Pletcher had taken the blinkers off Palace Malice in hopes of tempering that speed he possesses. Not that knowing this would have changed my mind. I was betting two other horses, and I was sold on them.

My Apologies to Pletcher, Palace Malice & Crew

Palace Malice & Mike Smith Win 145th BelmontI apologize to Todd Pletcher, Mike Smith and the connections of Palace Malice for my profound stupidity. I also apologize to all the readers of this blog because I was so off base. In fact it actually hurt more that I would lead you all astray than the dent it put in my wallet. But I realize that you guys and gals have more sense than I do.

If I heard them correctly on the broadcast, the last quarter was run in 27 seconds. That is so slow. You would have thought that some horse would have rolled down the stretch in a much faster finishing quarter than that. That just goes to show you that this year’s 3 year old crop leaves much to be desired.

Will Take Charge Disappoints… Again

Palace Malice Now to my selections. I should have just wadded up my money into a nice little chew toy for the neighbor’s dog. I would have gotten as much of a thrill that way. Will Take Charge ran no better than he did in the previous two classics. He cost me dearly, and I am through with him. I believe he finished 10th. Of course, now that I am through with him, he’ll win his next race- mark my words. But regardless, I am definitely off of the Will Take Charge crusade.

Overanalyze was just that to me- overanalyzed. I did too much analyzing over him, to the point I actually saw him in my mind’s eye finishing in the top three after regaining his two year old form. Maybe, I need to have my head analyzed since he came in around 7th.

Scraping Myself Off of the Belmont Windshield

I Would Have Bet Different Horses!So now that all the classics are over for the time being, I believe I will take a much needed vacation. Oh wait, I have no funds for that. :roll:This scenario reminds me of a story that was told to me by a friend of mine. Two old horse players were sitting on a couch in a nursing home talking about old times.


One said to the other: “If you could live your whole life over again, what would you do different?”

The old man sitting next to him thought about it for a second or two and then replied.

“I’d bet different horses.”

I’m with him. Oh by the way, supper is not steak or even KFC. I believe I’ll take about three Tums and turn in.






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