Rydilluc Holds Off Pletcher Pair in Penn Mile

Rydilluc Wins $500,000 Penn Mile

Penn Mile Winner RydillucOn Saturday June 1st, Trainer Gary Contessa sent Rydilluc out on a $500,000 mission to win the Penn Mile, a mission this horse had no problems accomplishing. With U.S. racing Hall of Fame jockey, Edgar Prado aboard, Rydilluc pulled off the first annual $500,000 Penn Mile by holding back a pair of Todd Pletcher trained horses, Charming Kitten and Jack Milton, who were coming on strong at the finish.


Rydilluc Stalking the Rabbit

From the start, Rydilluc looked as if he would take the lead, but instead settled in and stalked behind 99 to 1 Yougotthatgoinforu. This early lead was all that Yougotthatgoinforu had going for him, as Rydilluc bid his time and stayed within striking distance. At this early point in the race, I felt good about the picks I had listed in a previous post about the Penn Mile. Rydilluc was chasing the rabbit and Charming Kitten and Noble Tune were in the hunt, hanging back in the 4th and 6th slots. My only concern was my long-shot pick, Are You Kidding Me, who was next to last and showing no signs of making a rally. It turns out (at least with me touting this horse) that I must have been kidding myself on that one. 😳

Charming Kitten But I was okay with it, since the other 3 were near where I wanted them to be… until I saw the opening quarter time of 23.55. The pace was much slower than I had hoped for and I knew then that Rydilluc was going to run away with this one. I had hoped for a much stronger pace up front, believing that Charming Kitten, Noble Tune or Are You Kidding Me would swoop in at the end and just beat him out. Instead, Rydilluc still had way too much juice left in him and I could only hope that Charming Kitten or Noble Tune could find the extra gear to still get there.

Kitten Turns Up the Charm, But To No Avail

Rydilluc Wins $500,000 Penn MileAs the half approached at 47.4, Rydilluc began to make his move as Yougotthatgoinforu began to tire. With his advance, Charming Kitten began his move as well, along with Noble Tune and another Todd Pletcher horse, Jack Milton. Prado pushed Rydilluc ever onward towards the finish line as Charming Kitten and Jack Milton gained ground, both within striking distance. Noble Tune advanced as well, but was passed up by Pick N Roll in their photo for 4th. Rydilluc had won the race by 3/4 of a length, while Charming Kitten gave the head bob over Jack Milton for 2nd.

Rydilluc is an awesome horse, no doubt about it, and deserved the win, but I must say that I am very pleased with the way Charming Kitten ran. The experience he gained from the Bluegrass and the Derby was truly showing, and I look for a big race from him on his next outing. We certainly haven’t seen the last of either of these horses and their continued rivalry.

If you happened to miss the Penn Mile, check it out below!




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