Will Will Take Charge Take Charge in the Preakness?

Will Take Charge’s Overlooked Derby Ride

Will Take ChargeIs it possible that a horse besides Orb will win the second leg of the Triple Crown?   Of course it is, we all know that. After all Orb is just another thoroughbred who is trying to become the twelfth horse to win all three of the prestigious races that make up the Triple Crown. He is coming off of a 5 race win streak and it is entirely possible that he may bounce.

So I am playing devil’s advocate here saying that Orb will not win The Preakness.  So who will take charge in this race? I believe it will be a horse that has not been mentioned too much by the press, but one who ran a bang up race in the Derby.  You guessed it.  Will Take Charge.

So I can hear the naysayers now. “Will Take Charge?? He finished 8th in the Derby for Pete’s sake!”  Yes he did. But did any of you check the replay of the race or read the result charts? Let me show you the Equibase full chart write up for Will Take Charge-


“WILL TAKE CHARGE reserved four wide, made a five wide run on the second turn while rallying in company with the winner, checked in upper stretch when VERRAZANO drifted out then came up empty.”

Will Take Charge “Running the Best of All”?

Will Take Charge These few words do not tell the whole story of Will Take Charge’s run for the roses. It was a little worse than that. I have watched the replay several times. Have a look for yourself here. The horse was running with the winner and had to check sharply when Verrazano drifted out. In fact he was actually checked twice.  Now when a horse is full of run and all of a sudden another horse drifts out in front to him, he has to be pulled up slightly by the jockey. The horse slows down considerably and of course loses the momentum he had going.

I am not saying that Will Take Charge would have won the race, but he was rallying in company with the winner when all of this happened. Orb did not have to lose momentum of any kind, he just kept running. Did this make a difference in the outcome of the race?  I believe it did. So do others. Listen to what D. Wayne Lukas, trainer of the horse in question, had to say-


“You look at the aerial view of the race, and Will Take Charge may have been running the best of all,” Lukas said. “He was moving with Orb and then he got checked twice when Verrazano ducked in and out in front of him.”

Smith Replaces Court for Preakness

Will Take Charge Jon Court was on Will Take Charge in the Derby, and I personally couldn’t have been more pleased. Court is an exceptional jockey and has been around most of my racing life. Lukas has changed the rider for the Preakness, though and is going with Mike Smith. I am not displeased with this choice either. I believe Smith will be a good match for the Charge.

Many of you read my Kentucky Derby Review where I mentioned that I had had a dream about Will Take Charge. Well I did. And I bet him. Maybe that is the reason I am touting him so much now. At any rate, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be wagering on him come Preakness Saturday.

There are some very good and talented horses going postward in the Preakness. I could list several horses that have a great shot at winning. But this article is about one horse and one horse only.

Will he take charge? Maybe. Maybe not. But I am not in the habit of betting favorites. 😉


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4 Responses to “Will Will Take Charge Take Charge in the Preakness?”

  1. Big don says:

    Or your could be wrong
    This the year we get our next triple crown winner. An you can take that to the bank.
    Eighter way it’s a great race

  2. Hi Mike, Good insight on Saturday’s race. Thanks to your bonus gift of “Successful/Lucky”, I have finally after many years, started my horse racing information website and Thursday’s picks will hopefully produce some winning exacta wheels & combinations…please take a look and give me your opinion. I post daily and it is free for a while.
    SW Mulhall

  3. saadat says:

    If he wins you and me will be laughing all the way to the window because i dont bet on the fav too

  4. Should produce an excellent payout, too, lol.

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